A response to Howard Fritz: writing workshop

“What is happening?” A workshop suitable for new and experienced poets and prose writers, responding to the paintings of American artist Howard Fritz currently exhibited at Torriano until early March. With poet Katherine Gallagher.

Friday, 26 February, 2 – 5pm, £10 per person. All these workshop fees go to support the Meeting House. Booking with Katherine on 0208 881 1418 or <mail[replace with@ sign]katherine-gallagher.com>

‘All the pictures on display at the Torrriano were painted in London but they draw on both American and British influences. Fitz’s work can be described as figurative but with the particular twist that it features accurate representations of people and objects set in unlikely combinations, for which the term ’surreal’ would probably be appropriate’. (Mike Bartholomew-Biggs, London Grip).

Bartholomew-Biggs’ comment points to the tone of the Exhibition: what is happening? These are atmospheric pictures packed with detail, a sense of danger, a world askew. . .chains of suspense, escape, alarm, juxtapositions – it’s all deadly serious, expectant, with few smiles and lots of irony.

For the workshop, there’ll be some writing-prompt-handouts, discussions, with time to write and shape poems. Followed by readbacks if participants wish. Hopefully, we’ll have some new poems and stories – maybe prose-poems. The Workshop is for new and experienced prose and poetry writers.



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